Eating the world in 60 days


Sixty is the new nothing

Nobody will convince me otherwise

I still remember letting people persuade me that 40 is the new 30, and when I reached fifty, an age that 20 years earlier seemed like the end of all ages, I was again led to believe that 50 is the new 40

Not this time, not 60

Sixty is NOT the new anything

That's why I made I made these 2 decisions

I will celebrate 50 again, and relive the past decade again, with so much more experience. And between us, in ten years time I won't care to be 70


I will give myself a present – a round the world food journey

Yes, you heard right. In the next 60 days I'll be eating Bangkok, Hanoi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and New York.

It's a great gift because this is what I love to do most

So if you love great food, and you love traveling, and most importantly, love yourself, I invite you to join me. I promise you one hell of a tasty ride

Not Just me, Naama is coming too

Great news by the way, because there's no one person in the whole world that I love to eat with more than her. She understands food better than most people I know, she's a better writer and photographer than me, and she's a blonde

What and how shall we write

Daily postcards
With minimal text and lot's of pictures. We'll tell you only about the best best places to eat, the ones you should keep. we'll tell you about how we researched and found them, how to organize such trip (who know, you might be 60 too one day) and share tips with you about flights and best hotels

This is how you can join

Simple, just fill the form

Also, follow us ( @dudi_califa and @naamapeled ) on Instagram and don't miss a dish

Eating the world in 60 days

First stop – Bangkok

Because we adore Thai food and because our friend Hanuman Aspler made the city his home, and the subject of his writing and photography for the last 30 years. And there's no restaurant, street food stall, market or a secret that he doesn't know

We are arriving armed with a ton of tips from many Thai foodophiles friends here, Mark Wein's writings, and tables booked at Nahm, Bolan and of course Gaggan. No wonder that we are so excited

Soft Shell Crab Curry – Mark Wiens


Because we've never been, and we are in the neighborhood after all. So with 5 days to spend, and against all advise, we'll skip countryside and touring and concentrate on urban great food with the help of Van Cong Tu, our new friend from Hanoi Street Food Tours

Pho as it should be


Because we love crossroards, and Singapore is a crossroad that connects the cuisines we love most. Although I haven't been in Singapore for more than 10 years, I can still taste the fiery Sudanese chilly dishes I had, and can't really stop thinking about the black pepper crabs I used to systematically demolish

This time we'll put our faith in the hands of WoknStroll's Karni Tomer for obvious reasons

Black Pepper Crab

Hong Kong

Because I love it so much, and I haven't been for 20 years. But mostly because ever since I know Naama (who used to live there for 3 years) we haven't stopped dreaming about visiting together and gorging on dim sum from morning to midnight

So look at this: in five days we'll do Kau Kee, Lung King Heen, Yat Lok, Fook Lam Moon, Tim Ho Wan, Ho Lee Fook, The Chairman, Duddle's, T'ang Court, Amber, Caprice and more. much more

michelin stared dim sum


Because from the day I met Naama I wanted to take her to this crazy city, where I lived and worked during the merry times of the late eighties and early nineties. And because I am nuts about its Ramen and Sushi and Unagi, and Tempura and steaks, and because some of my work buddies were so successful that they manage the town now and can get me into places that 'don't take new customers' and serve legendary
sushi and steaks

Yes, I know that this week will really set me back financially, buy hey, I am sixty and everyone deserves a 500$ steak at least once in his lifetime

Sydney and Melbourne

Because I always wanted, and it was always too far away. But this was before Rene Redzepi told me that he's taking his whole Noma crew and kitchen down under to do 100 days pop up thingy (all seats where gone in 3 minutes) called #nomaaustralia. There was not a chance that I was going to miss it, especially after I missed #nomajapan last year. Rene, I just wanted to let you know that you are responsible for this whole journey

But seriously, in Noma Redzepi & crew create magic from a world of scarceness and insufficiency, which makes me so intrigued to find out what they'll produce in a world of abundance

And while down under we'll visit Quay, Attica, Ester, Mr. Wong, Flower Drum and more

לעבוד עם חומרי גלם אוסטרליים

Los Angeles and San Francisco

Because I keep promising my dear dear friend Yitshak Yutz Ginsberg to visit and never come, and because he and chef Itamar Abramovitch from SF promise to let me have a glimps on the hot culinary world of the west coast

n Naka

New York

Because it's home for Joel and Jono, my sons, and because there's no city in the world that I love more, and because NY has the best food in the world

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